Wallace Harbour (1), Eternal Vows

Wallace Harbour, as seen in The Thing from Another World: Eternal Vows.

Wallace Harbour is a fictional settlement on Stewart Island/Rakiura, the third-largest island of New Zealand. It lies 30 kilometres (19 mi) south of the South Island, across Foveaux Strait. The town is the location for the events of the The Thing from Another World: Eternal Vows comic-books published by Dark Horse Comics.


In the town of Wallace Harbour, New Zealand, several murders have recently taken place. An American fishing boat, the Gettysburg is docked in the harbour and is impounded until the culprit has been found. During the course of the series it is revealed that the Thing arrived on the ship and infiltrated the town. Despite the initial creature's desire to remain unnoticed, the situation quickly deteriorates and several Things set about assimilating the population. As an act of self-preservation, the Jenny-Thing burns down the town in a bid to eliminate the competition and stop the plague from spreading out of control.


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