Now I'm aware that there is the graphic novel series "The Thing from Another World" that is the sequel to "The Thing", but then there's also the video game that doesn't follow the same canon as the graphic novels so finally I decided, just to amuse myself for the summer, I'd do my own sequel to "The Thing"-one that can conclude the entire damn thing.

The idea is that a search party from a Russian fishing base, who are currently looking after Kate Lloyd, find MacReady and Childs at the smoking ruins of U.S. Outpost 31 and while there, discover the body of Nauls and the burnt remains of Fuchs which they decide to take back to the base. The Russians soon learn from MacReady, Childs and Kate about the Thing, but are unsure whether to believe them or not and soon plan to take the three back to America. A fishing vessel arrives to take the catches back to Russia. A doctor whose reponsibility was looking after the bodies mutates and attacks, just as the boat sets out. MacReady manages to burn the Thing, but already, terror sets in as the Russians finally believe what the three Americans told them. The bodies of Nauls and Fuchs are missing and they realise anyone of them could be the Thing and greater fear sets in when they realise the Thing might have got onto the fishing vessel which is heading back for Russia, knowing now that if the Thing reaches civilisation, humanity is doomed.

The Russians at the base manage to get in contact with with the fishing vessel, warning them of the Thing and demanding they take a blood test to make sure none of the crew are infected. MacReady, however, is having none of it and he and Kate take the helicopter in pursuit of the boat while Childs stays behind to make sure the Thing doesn't attack at the base. During the blood test, none of the crew are infected much to their relief, though they suddenly hear the sound of scuttling. Later that evening, the Thing assimiliates two of the crew members and MacReady and Kate arrive in time to help the crew destroy the Thing as it tries to mutate into the two crew members. The crew are at last aware of the threat that is amongst them.

One of the Things are dead...but it's still out there. It could be anyone...but who?

That's as far I've got. I have an idea of how it ends, but for now, what do you think? If you have any ideas to improve it or any criticism you want to give, please comment.

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