Hey guys, this is my first blog. Anyways, I'm here to start a sequel of The Thing video game, ever since The Thing II sequel game was cancelled due to computer artworks being shutdown. Well, my own sequel it takes place 30 years after the events of the original video game of the same name. Back from the Antarctic Spring of the late 1982, the Canadian Force had some a few creatures found frozen to death back to a research underground facility in a small town in British Columbia of Canada and another same of these Things in the North Arctic Pole of another crashed UFO that has been there for 42,000 years ago. Now in January 2012, all 42 high school kids from Vancouver, stays into this cabin in the small town for a weekend celebration. Although, the cabin is now owned by one of the kids' older sibling that is in the Canadian Force and this young quarterback has found access into the underground research facility of the cabin's station and one of them has "accidentally" switched the testing tubes where the Things were asleep in for years, to awake them all and begin to cause horror and terror in the party and infect many of the kids one at a time. So it is up to a 17 year old American immigrant, Trenton McFeer, to kill all these Things off, team up with some survivors and prevent these Things to escape out of the facility to civilization and flourish. So far I'm getting starting on The Thing sequel plot by writing it down and drawing portraits of it and hoping that yawl The Thing fans will like it after the entire plot of the story is published, Bye!

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