Hi Thing fans it has come to my attention that alot of the information making its way onto this wiki is not in fact canon and it is rather frustrating and uniformative and I am determined to eliminate its presence. Some of this for example would be the short story called The Things written by Peter Watts which depicts the story from the point of view of the alien. It is absolute crap but a lot of information that I see making its way into part's of this wiki are from short story's and comic book's alike which has nothing to do with this particular timeline or even this particular universe. I am going to try to forget that I have ever read it but that is rather hard with alot of edit's placing this information as canon. I strongly encourage anyone who is a true fan of this series to never read this short story as it completely ruins the atmosphere of the series, including the fact that it was written by someone who has nothing to really do with the origional series accept ruin it's mystery, origionality and atmosphere.

Apart from all these problems, such as some people infecting the wiki with their own deluded opinions such as not considering the game as canon eccept for the fact that it is actually a direct sequel. I am also stating the fact that the origional person who wrote all the articles in this wiki comes across as someone with bad grammer, spelling and their first language is clearly not english. So I strongly urge anyone making any edit's to make sure that it is in fact plausible information, as well as leaving personal opinions out of it as this ruins the legitimacy of this site.

I am only stating all this only so this wiki can only provide unbiased information to anyone who dosen't know much about the series.

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