Shotgun (1) - The Thing (2002)

A shotgun, as seen in The Thing (2002).

The Shotgun is a powerful weapon that can push an enemy back. Deadly at close range but very inaccurate at long range. Giving a shotgun to a squad member will cause a medium Courage and Trust boost.


  • Thule Station - Under boxes in the Sleeping Quartes in the area where you encounter the third Walker.
  • Norwegian Outpost - In the ammo room on desk.
  • Pyron Sub Facility - Found in ammo room to your right when you start. Price has to fix the door controls for you to get in.
  • Strata Medical Laboratory - In weapons closet in the big room to the left and down a hall from the start.
  • Strata Furnace - In the second smaller garage branching off of the big garage with Guy in it. Becomes accessible after you beat the boss.
  • Transit Hangar - In the cold room adjacent to the room where you find Powell.
  • Weapon Security - On the ground next to the first wall gun you encounter.
  • Weapon Security - On rack in the Guard Room.


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