Captain Pierce was an American solider. The commanding officer of the Arctic Marines' Alpha Team, he was tasked with investigating the Norwegian Outpost. The character appears in the 2002 video-game The Thing.


Attempting to discern what happened to Alpha Team, Blake is dropped into the Norwegian Outpost alone and quickly finds Carter and Cruz amid the ruins. Shortly after leaving the main buildings they locate an extremely paranoid Pierce in a supply hut, wielding a flamethrower. Recovering several blood test hypos from a nearby kennel outbuilding, Blake performs blood tests on the squad to calm the agitated man. Cruz is quickly revealed to be an imposter and bloodily transforms before being incinerated - as does the Carter-Thing, who simultaneously reveals itself to the group and is destroyed. Reassured of Blake's humanity, the pair venture out into the snow, only to become separated in a blizzard. After chasing a Norwegian radio operator to an outlying group of Norwegian research buildings secretly used by Gen Inc., Blake is briefly reunited with Pierce in the facility's observation tower. However, Pierce is infected and after unsuccessfully attempting to persuade Blake to kill him, he commits suicide.


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