Peder was a member of the Norwegian research team at Thule Station and station commander Edvard Wolner's second in command.

Peder along with Olav and Lars, are the first humans to discover The Thing and it's UFO, after they fall through the ice in their snowcat where the spacecraft had ben buried. Later after Kate Lloyd and the rest of the Norwegian/American research team extract The Thing, Peder is seen scaring Derek Jameson while he is inspecting the frozen creature, which shortly after The Thing escapes its icy prison due to Dr. Sander Halvorson's carelessness. After the creature escapes, complete havok and paranoia breaks out at Thule Station after it is discovered The Thing can assimilate and replicate other lifeforms. Soon after several Thule Station members have been assimilated and the station's helicopter crash landed after an attack by The Thing. After these terrifying events the helicopter pilots, Sam Carter and Derek Jameson, return but are suspected of being The Thing so are held prisoner in a shack. Kate Lloyd then checks the remaining Team members for tooth fillings, as The Thing cannot assimilate inorganic material, Peder is one of the members to still have his fillings and is assigned to stand guard over the group members that do not, with a flamethrower. When Kate has finished her test, the two American pilots, Carter and Jameson, break into the station and a stand-off ensues, with Jameson weilding a pistol and Peder his flamethrower. Edvard then urges Peder to burn the two Americans, yelling to him that they have been assimilated. Convinced of this, Peder raises his flamethrower to burn them but is instead shot through the head by Jameson killing him instantly, however the shot punctures the flamethrower tank causing a massive explosion that incenerates Peder's body and knocks Edvard unconscious, who is then revealed to be The Thing.

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  • Peder's fate is almost identicle to Clark's from The Thing (1982 film). As he attempts to kill a character (or characters in this case) who are suspected of being The Thing only to be shot in the head by his would be victim.

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