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Biological information
Distinction Possesses split head, with vertically oriented mouth
Possesses a prehensile tongue
Absorbed host(s) Palmer

The Palmer-Thing is an Assimilant that took the form of Palmer.


After being revealed by the reaction of the Blood Test Thing, the Palmer-Thing began to transform in order to defend itself. Kicking off from the floor, it latched onto the ceiling, where Windows tried to burn it with his Flamethrower after R.J. MacReady's failed to ignite. When Windows hesitated for a moment, the Palmer-Thing dropped to the floor, splitting its head open and wrapping its prehensile tongue around Windows' throat and closing its jaws around his head. After violently mauling Windows, the Palmer-Thing threw him aside, only to get immolated by MacReady. Breaking through the wall in an attempt to escape, the Palmer-Thing collapsed in the snow where MacReady killed it with a stick of dynamite.


  • Palmer-Thing's face is eerily similar to Ghostface from the horror film Scream. If the two are connected, Scream may have taken inspiration from it.


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