Pablo was an Argentine cook stationed at the Tierra del Fuego military base. The character appeared in the 1992 comic series The Thing From Another World: Climate of Fear.


Fearing that the Tierra del Fuego station's sheep were infected by the Thing, Outpost 31 survivor, R.J. MacReady slaughters most of the flock after regaining consciousness. After MacReady is tranquillised and taken away, station commander Agapito Quitana orders the cook, Pablo to butcher whatever meat is still usable from the dead sheep. As he is doing so, an infected sheep approaches him, and Pablo attempts to pet it, only for its wool to suddenly engulf and begin fusing with his right arm. Pablo tries to free himself by shooting at the Sheep-Thing - which rapidly grows in size to a mixture of vaguely sheep, humanoid and serpent-like features, likely absorbing the other sheep in the process - but was unable to do so, though his efforts at least attract the attention of Agapito and the other soldiers, who watched helplessly as Pablo's body was fully absorbed into the Sheep-Thing, leaving only his head and left arm visible.

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