Misaki Maru (Ship) (2) - The Thing from Another World

The Misaki Maru whaling vessel, as seen in the first issue of The Thing From Another World.

The Misaki Maru was a Japanese whaling ship operating out of Okuska. The vessel appeared only in the 1991/92 comic series The Thing from Another World.


After the destruction of U.S. Outpost 31 by a shape-shifting extraterrestrial creature, survivors MacReady and Childs make it to the Antarctic coastline, after which the latter attempted to return to the outpost to burn the remains of the Thing. MacReady is found and picked up by the crew of the Japanese whaling ship, the Misaki Maru, and is restrained following a panicked outburst. After cutting his bonds and quickly making sure he isn't infected, MacReady steals the ship's helicopter and flies back to the remains of Outpost 31.


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