Juliette was a French geologist stationed at Thule Station. The character appeared in the 2011 film The Thing and was portrayed by actress Kim Bubbs.


Alongside Edvard, Karl and Lars, Juliette was first introduced to American palaeontologist Kate Lloyd by Dr. Sander Halvorson during her visit to the UFO excavation site.

Juliette becomes one of the first victims of the Thing after it escapes its icy prison; attempting to assimilate Lloyd, her imitation lured the palaeontologist into a secluded room (under the pretenses of helping her find the keys to the station's vehicles). After failing to assimilate her, the imitation goes on a rampage - killing and partially-assimilating Karl before being incinerated by Lars. Following this, the crew of Thule Station become aware of the Thing's ability to imitate other life forms; causing total paranoia among the group.


  • She is believed to have a close relationship with fellow Thule Station member Henrik Larsen, as his death seems to have shocked her the most. She is seen grieving and openly expresses her knowledge about the personal facts of Henrik being a family man with two small children.
  • Kim Bubbs, the actress who plays Juliette, reportedly almost fainted on set while filming her scene as the Juliette-Thing, when she attempted to scream very loud for a long period of time in order to capture the sound of the creature she was portraying.
  • The director did tell her to make some kind of sound, but added that they probably would not use it in the finished movie. However, Bubbs came up with such an impressive demonic growl that it was actually layered into the final mix.
  • Juliette was most likely assimilated by the Griggs-Thing, as Griggs watches her run out of the autopsy room and down the corridor, after being disturbed at Henrik's death. Griggs had already been assimilated by this point and Juliette's separation from the rest of the group provided the creature an opportunity to assimilate her without alerting the others. Another way may be the shower scene where Kate discovers the blood on it. The Thing could have assimilated her while she was in the shower, which could have also been the Griggs-Thing.
  • Juliette was the first and only female character in the film franchise to be assimilated by the Thing. Several other women were assimilated, but that happened only in comics.


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