Jennifer Campbell is a sales assistant from the small town of Wallace Harbour on Stewart Island, New Zealand. The character appeared in the 1993/94 comic series Thing From Another World: Eternal Vows.


A retail sales assistant living in the small town of Wallace Harbour, Jenny Campbell was unknowingly infected by her boyfriend Simon Powell (Powell-Thing) whilst his ship, the Gettysburg was docked in town. The following morning, Jenny is feeling ill as a result of the Thing cells slowly beginning to assimilate her body, but still goes into her job at a local clothes store, Wallace Jean Emporium. Later that day, Detective Sergeant Rowan arrives and delivers some devastating news; Powell was found dead near the docks. Jenny collapses on hearing this news, and is allowed to take the rest of the day off. That night, Jenny is sat alone at home, oblivious to the fact that her appearance is becoming increasingly inhuman. Her pet cat suddenly becomes aggressive and scratches her, and seconds later tentacles erupt from Jenny's body and ensnare and devour the cat. As this happens, Powell's voice fills her mind and tells her that she is no longer human, and must consume other life-forms to survive, as Jenny completes her transformation into the Jenny-Thing.