Gen Inc Logo

Gen Inc bio-hazard insignia, as seen on cargo containers in The Thing (2002 video-game).

Gen Inc is a biotechnology company with covert facilities in Antarctica developed and designed for studying an extraterrestrial organism which was unearthed there in the winter of 1982. The company appeared in the 2002 video-game The Thing.



  • Dr. Shaun Faraday - Researcher Director
  • Powell - Engineer (Strata Medical Laboratory)
  • Price - Engineer (Pyron Laboratory)
  • Stolls - Engineer (Weapons Laboratory)
  • Cohen - Researcher (Weapons Laboratory)
  • Ryan - Researcher (Weapons Laboratory)
  • Reed - Researcher (Transit Facility)
  • Lavelle - Engineer (Strata Medical Laboratory)
  • Temple - Researcher (Strata Medical Laboratory)
  • Falchek - Researcher (Strata Medical Laboratory)
  • Dixon - Engineer (Strata Medical Laboratory)
  • Peltola - Engineer (Weapons Laboratory)

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