Fisk was a soldier and test subject incarcerated at the Strata Medical Laboratory in Antarctica.


Found in one of the holding cells at Strata Medical Laboratory, Fisk aids Blake in escaping the facility through the furnace room and tunnel system. He disappears once Blake and his team proceed further into the Strata Furnace facility. His fate is unknown, but he was mostly likely killed either by the Thing at some point or by the bomb left by Whitley.


  • Surprisingly enough, Fisk's head is used for one of the Things stored in the formaldehyde tanks Whitley examines in Strata Medical Laboratory.
  • Fisk can become a Thing if sufficiently exposed to scuttler attacks. He has a unique model that is not finished, and which features clipping and missing sections. Also, he will glitch at a distance, where his head will completely disappear.



The Fisk head-Thing.


The unique Fisk-Thing. Note the missing sections around the neck.

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