Dixon is a Gen Inc member that was stationed at the Strata Medical Laboratory in Antarctica.


During the initial outbreak of the Thing within the facility, he was left stranded in the now infested facility, luckily Blake who just gained his consciousness was able to rescue Dixon and gained his trust, however his alliance with Blake has resulted him being in Whitley's extermination list, he along with Blake and several others fought their way through both the dreaded Thing Beasts and Whitley's elite Black Ops units, however he was killed by the explosion caused by the time bomb that was set by Whitley causing the entire facility to be destroyed. Blake was the only one that made it to the surface and proceeded to the Transit Hangar.

Dixon is a very valuable asset to the group, he is never overcome by fear or anxiety and is very competent in combat for an engineer. He is possibly the "best" squad mate in the game, as he always keeps a cool head and manages to have Blake's back

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