Detective Sergeant Rowan is a New Zealand Police force detective. The character appeared in the 1993/94 comic series Thing From Another World: Eternal Vows.


Sent by the New Zealand Police force to investigate a recent spate of murders in the island town of Wallace Harbour, Detective Sergeant Rowan tries to find the culprit, but arrives only to find a local fisherman's mutilated corpse. Rowan's investigations bring him to local shop clerk, Jenny Campbell, to whom he delivers some devastating news; her boyfriend, Simon Powell, was found dead near the docks. Later that evening, R.J. MacReady arrives in Wallace Harbour, is almost immediately arrested by Rowan and accused of the murders. However, MacReady has the alibi of only just having arrived on the island, and he brings Rowan and Captain Banks of the Gettysburg up to speed on the Thing; the duo then agree to begin testing of the ship's crew.

The following morning, the Powell-Thing (in the form of another crew-member, Samuel Holt) arrives at the Gettysburg, but MacReady and Rowan take him into custody and perform a blood test, indicating that "Holt" is a Thing. Powell-Thing then transforms into a monstrous form and tries to kill the two, but MacReady is able to set it alight with a flamethrower. As the Powell-Thing dies, it briefly takes on the shape all those it's previously infected, including Jenny... who MacReady and Rowan immediately realize wasn't a murder victim, and thus is obviously a Thing. The pair quickly make their way to Jenny's apartment and try to kill the Jenny-Thing, but she proves too fast and jumps out the window. As Rowan deals with the burning apartment, MacReady gives chase to the Jenny-Thing.

That night, realizing that the Thing contagion is out of control, the Jenny-Thing sets fire to the town to eliminate the competition, and prevent a Thing plague from eventually overrunning all life on Earth. She also damages MacReady's helicopter, and he and Rowan realize that the Gettysburg is their only means of escape. As they try to make their way through the burning, Thing-infested harbour, MacReady and Rowan come across the Julian-Thing in the process of infecting a woman. MacReady quickly torches him, and also the woman once it's clear that she's starting to become a Thing, much to Rowan's horror. The duo are chased across the harbour by a pack of creatures lead by the Sharon-Thing, but find that the Gettysburg has already set sail. Rowan admits that he can't swim well enough to reach the ship, and holds the Things off long enough for MacReady to cover most of the distance to the ship. Out of flamethrower fuel, and with the Sharon-Thing about to assimilate him, Rowan commits suicide by shooting himself in the head.

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