Pvt. Cruz was an Argentine soldier stationed at the Tierra del Fuego military base. The character appeared in the 1992 comic series The Thing From Another World: Climate of Fear.


With tensions high in the Argentine camp, an argument breaks out between Sgt. Agapito Quitana and Dr. Deseado, resulting in the two coming to blows. Deseado then steals a gun and attempts to shoot Agapito, only to be shot dead by another soldier, Cruz. After consoling him, Agapito orders Cruz and Escobar to bury Deseado's body. Later, an American commando unit led by Childs restrains the Argentinians for blood testing. During the testing, MacReady suddenly remembers that the Deseado-Thing's "body" was buried by Cruz, who he accuses of being a Thing and immediately torches. Cruz-Thing's head then splits off its body in an attempt to escape, though doesn't get far before the American commandos destroy it altogether.

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