• Tyrannoraptor

    What will happen if The Thing gets broken into pieces when someone shatters the block of ice where its frozen?

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  • A. Rand

    I actually wrote this one a few months ago, but since some other people here were posting their stories I thought maybe it would be worthwhile to share my own.

    With this one, I decided to take a rather unusual approach. The Thing itself, while still important, has little to no appearances within this story. The plot involves R.J. MacReady and Childs being rescued by a Russian expedition team, the same team who have spent the last few days looking after a traumatized and seemingly insane Kate Lloyd. Working alongside the Russian team, particularly the camp's doctor and the base commander, both of whom are initially skeptical but when confronted by proof in the form of a crashed spaceship become determined to help Mac, Childs and Kate in thei…

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  • Wodanaz666

    Now I'm aware that there is the graphic novel series "The Thing from Another World" that is the sequel to "The Thing", but then there's also the video game that doesn't follow the same canon as the graphic novels so finally I decided, just to amuse myself for the summer, I'd do my own sequel to "The Thing"-one that can conclude the entire damn thing.

    The idea is that a search party from a Russian fishing base, who are currently looking after Kate Lloyd, find MacReady and Childs at the smoking ruins of U.S. Outpost 31 and while there, discover the body of Nauls and the burnt remains of Fuchs which they decide to take back to the base. The Russians soon learn from MacReady, Childs and Kate about the Thing, but are unsure whether to believe th…

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  • Gorsatron1

    Hi Thing fans it has come to my attention that alot of the information making its way onto this wiki is not in fact canon and it is rather frustrating and uniformative and I am determined to eliminate its presence. Some of this for example would be the short story called The Things written by Peter Watts which depicts the story from the point of view of the alien. It is absolute crap but a lot of information that I see making its way into part's of this wiki are from short story's and comic book's alike which has nothing to do with this particular timeline or even this particular universe. I am going to try to forget that I have ever read it but that is rather hard with alot of edit's placing this information as canon. I strongly encourage…

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  • Baro Moramee"


    October 31, 2011 by Baro Moramee"

    I have noticed a lot of problems with this wiki, such as outdated information and text which seems to have been written by someone whose first language was clearly not English. I'm gonna try to fix this stuff, so can I get some help here?

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  • Travis Mounce

    Hey guys, this is my first blog. Anyways, I'm here to start a sequel of The Thing video game, ever since The Thing II sequel game was cancelled due to computer artworks being shutdown. Well, my own sequel it takes place 30 years after the events of the original video game of the same name. Back from the Antarctic Spring of the late 1982, the Canadian Force had some a few creatures found frozen to death back to a research underground facility in a small town in British Columbia of Canada and another same of these Things in the North Arctic Pole of another crashed UFO that has been there for 42,000 years ago. Now in January 2012, all 42 high school kids from Vancouver, stays into this cabin in the small town for a weekend celebration. Althou…

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  • Wagnike2

    New Design

    August 9, 2011 by Wagnike2

    In order to help prepare this Wiki for the upcoming and exciting new prequel The Thing, the Wikia Content Team has decided to give this wiki a new makeover. We also have decided to implement blogs in order to help bring you news and updates about the film as it gets closer and closer to release. Please help us make this Wiki as fun and exciting for you guys as we possibly can.


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